The IT World

by Isaac Riley

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released December 19, 2014

All performances by Isaac Riley, produced & written by Isaac Riley

Recorded from November 2013 to November 2014



all rights reserved


Isaac Riley

I'm a quirky person who makes quirky music. What else can be said?

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Track Name: Das Boot
Instrumental! No lyrics ;)
Track Name: Crème & Sugar
What did you say? "What was my choice?"
Speak to me, I'm loving your voice
Hearing sounds that I have never
heard before, please speak forever...

Memories of past and present
Your hope may be gone, but mine sure hasn't!
Dreams of wishful thinking aside,
Do you think that I should just try?

Crème et Sucre, Sugar & Cream
I like her and she likes me
What a corny verse, who would sing this song?
I suppose a more metal rendition could make it all less wrong

Listen up, dear, if you want to
be more than just spiteful & rude
Here is your chance to make the right change
Make a remix, let me rearrange!

Crème et Sucre, Sugar & Cream
I think she's finally catching onto me
If you paid attention, the lyrics are better
Only marginally so, but hey I'm not a miracle worker!

Ignorance can be a turn-off
and especially with the way you scoff
Thinking that you're always right
More or less means that you're always wrong!

Crème et Sucre, Sucre et Crème
C'est toujour amusant de chanter en Français
Talk is cheap my dear but writing is cheaper
Hypocrisy aside I think I made a point there
Track Name: Anastasia 1
Another instrumental! No lyrics from me!
Track Name: Let Me In
I felt like a virgin
Just no more now
When no one else would
I'd talk to myself

My friends all just hate me
I've asked them again
My family is crazy
I'm only started...

If everyone inside would let me in

I'm not a people person
I'm a person's people
While you're digging ditches
I'm digging deep holes

and when you tell me something
I'm listening listening
But when I say a few words
You tune me right out

If everyone inside would let me in

My passion project is a labour
Pull out my pencil and draw my sabre

I feel like a virgin
I'm with no one now
Since no one else will
I'll talk to myself

If everyone inside would let me in

If everyone inside would let me in

If everyone inside would let me in
Track Name: New Technology
Another man emerges from the puddle of the cold
With his suitcase he reveals another bargain sold
The value of the customer relates not to his goods
All you need to know is that his goods are really good

Why does he sell at a time like this?
Why do the people who purchase insist?

The new technology
can enhance anything
and on TV they show
that nobody can wait

The new technology
will enhance everything
and on TV they show
that nobody can wait

All hail new technology
Track Name: Anastasia 2
No lyrics! It's an instrumental!
Track Name: OS/2
Distorted is he, we can't decipher the message
Run away, children, that's very low
Accidents happen, I'm not too lost to remind you
Why isn't it over? I told you everything I know

I have no more recollection, that's all you're ever gonna learn
I have no child to my name, they're gone as far as I'm concerned

As death draws closer in the eyes of the man
Relief from this torture, with which we can escape
Don't get caught, it's too dangerous for questions
It's almost over, I have nothing else to say

I have no more information, the end is soon, you'll eventually see
I have nobody to love, it's an empty field of regret, hatred and trees
Track Name: Need Her Smile
(Vaguely Latin-ish Chanting, aside from "Need Her Smile")
Track Name: Dukey Run
Just a wacky instrumental, no lyrics here! However, despite being rather brief for an instrumental suite, the movements in Dukey Run are all labeled. This was mostly for my own enjoyment, but here they are if you're curious:

I - Pulse
II - Hopes Ein Dreams
III - Running Start
IV - Wizards of the Coastguards
V - Midnight Trumpet
VI - Mourning Affair
VII - The Great Defender
VIII - Christmas Miracle #36
IX - Oceans of Air
X - The Beginning of The End
XI - Dukey Rerun
XII - Local Woman Saves Drowning Moron
XIII - Grad Finale

Since I'm too lazy to figure out how long each section lasts, you'll have to figure that one out for yourself, sorry!
Track Name: Anyways...
Into the night I heard a quiet whisper
She told me she was gone and it was all her fault
Tell me dear, do you think that someone as nice as you could have done so?

I know you want to make ends meet, so she won't go away for good, yeah
Spent all your time but you didn't get anything in return, well
You deserve something better than that, it's a two way street, now

Answer me just one question, you alright?
Fire away, tell me what you need to say
Are you okay? Doing better, or doing alright? (She'll be waiting for the sun...)

You fell in love, it happens every once in a while
It'll come again, it may not stay again, but you know that's how it works
Time and time again, I'll let you know

While you still can...
While you still......